Web Hosting

How to start a good website

Everyone who wants to start a website deserves the best web hosting. They are your website, brand and business. Any downtime on the server could potentially damage and ruin everything you have developed over the years. If your website is serious you need to make sure they are hosted by the right people.

Especially as we are continuously flooded with enticing deals web hosting companies are tossing at us, it’s really hard to choose between web hosting companies these days. If you’re looking for a web hosting account, here’s an article we thought you might take a look through appealing promotions and gimmicks before getting carried away.

Here are some tips for getting your own web hosting account to make you a smarter consumer.

The “Free Domain”

It certainly sounds great to have a free domain, but you may have to take note of some things here before accepting free domains:

Who is the owner of the domain? It is free, but it’s owned by the hosting company. What does that mean?You are either always stuck with the company, or you have to pay a heavy amount to purchase the domain.

What about the upcoming renewal years? The first year is free, but they will charge RM 80+ for renewal if you want to renew it. This is like an average domain name price markup of 200%.

While searching for a web host, it is better to ask questions about who will own the domain and ensure that the cost of renewal fees is acceptable.

Different Hosting and Domain

Domain names must not be registered in the same company. Take us no wrong way, we do not imply that your current web host is not trustworthy; more about finding a trustworthy registrar from the beginning. After all, the name of the domain is your online identity, the most costly and unchanged asset for hosting services.

Of course, web hosting companies would prefer to register their domain with them because it’s their other profitable stream of revenue. However, if the web hosting company decides to descend with your domain, it will not be so convenient.

Terms and Conditions

Bandwidth and storage space are words that people shop for rising web hosting frequently disregard. You should ask,’ What if my website becomes really popular overnight, draws thousands or millions of visitors? Will I pay a heavy price for the huge data transfer?’ Naturally, most sites will not go beyond its bandwidth quotas by high traffic alone.

Limitless Space

It does not seem like unlimited storage as a great deal? Some of the web hosting services would like you to think so. However, “Unlimited Storage” is no such thing.

Unlimited storage does not appear to be a great offer? Several web hosting companies would like you to say that. Though, there’s no infinite room.

Did you ever fully study the TOS of your web hosting? You will scan it and you won’t read it carefully if you are like many people. A section on CPU / Server usage is somewhere in the TOS. To sum it up, essentially, your website is contravened and terminated if it uses more than a certain quantity of storage. It is, of course, necessary to protect resource resources on their servers against improper use in almost all hosting services, in their Terms of Service. However, many web hosting services use their unlimited storage promises using CPU / Server Usage.

Take Time to Know Them

The following query “web hosting company sucks” is commonly used to insert and to view which results are returned. The number of consumers who complained of their web host will surprise you.
You may get an idea from this list but you should not take it as a matter of course because:

  • unfair count. Large enterprises tend to deceive more people because their customers are more unhappy even though they are only an extremely small percentage of the total customer base.
  • Subjective and partial judgments. Personal blog statements can sometimes be highly subjective, partial, and influential. Any disputes may be deleted by the website owners in order to create a unilateral impression.
  • Requests are frequent. Some people can ring more easily than loudly. In general, when a web host does its job smoothly, and if not, it deserves all the bad reviews. This is only what we do. We do what we do.

Find Ways to Save

It could be unwise to do some shopping without finding commission rebates or coupons in a company such as the web hosting service, where companies are willing to pay one year’s income for one client. Of course, you will find many hosts that don’t offer coupons or have a member program, but they aren’t good hosts.

Keep Your Files Safe

You might have thought the following question: do we trust and depend on our hosts to safeguard our files? Obviously not. While the host wants regular backups, no off-site backup can be viewed as unwise.

You could have asked the following question–Should we rely on our hosts to back up our files? Obviously not. Although the host needs to backup regularly, it can not be thought that it does not make off-site backups.

Use New But Secured Payment Methods

Always use PayPal for the transaction when you are not in the US. It is not advisable to conduct currency changes in your local bank as it can be inefficient, slow and expensive. Be sure the company is a respectable guy to stop an awkward ride if you do not have any choice but to use your Credit Card.

Don’t Commit to Untrusted Contracts

We saw how companies give us a ludicrous two-year deal in advance. If the host does not have a good record, think twice.