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4 Web Design Tricks to Help Grow Your Business Exponentially

So, a recent survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review gathered a rather surprising finding. Apparently, trustworthiness can really help people convert from visitors to your potential customers. If your website somehow conveys a feeling of trust in the part of the consumer, then you, my friend, have earned one customer (among a sea of potential customers as well). This is also agreed by the online marketing agency.

Trustworthiness isn’t the only thing that is important though as there are other elements that you should consider implementing on your own website for maximum results.

Below are just some web design tricks that will help you grow your business exponentially.

  1. Have a Video on Your Landing Page

Your landing page is essentially the first page the visitor looks at when they click on a link on the search engine results page. Therefore, it is important for you to entice your visitors to click through so that they will explore your website in its entirety.

To do that, you have to include a video on your landing page. This video should be related or something that directly talks about your business. This content should also have the ability to auto-play whenever a person arrives at your landing page.

The reason why this is so important is in the numbers. Apparently, 72% of people like watching videos instead of reading the actual content. So it is best that you make use of the medium more than anything else, at least, on the first page they come into contact with.

  1. Add the Parallax

We are so accustomed to putting all of the information “above the fold” and although that has worked before, it doesn’t work as it used to nowadays. People are generally lazy and clicking on things is “quite a stretch” for some.

To help combat that and to help people consume content without ever clicking on anything, you may want to experiment with the use of the Parallax Scrolling effect.

The idea is pretty simple. It is like consuming different content just by a simple swiping or scrolling of the page. Treat your page like a card and so that people will not have the need to click on anything at all.

This provides them with an easier medium to browse through your content much easier and it is a way for you to entice them to read up on what you have to offer.

  1. Use Animated Calls-to-Action

When you own a B2C website, it is of paramount importance to include a call-to-action button. You could say that it is a necessary evil, especially if you’re looking to make some profits.

A simple call-to-action button, in most cases, is pretty much okay. However, people are now more eager to click if you happen to incorporate some animations as well.

Just take the “Like” button on Facebook. Whenever a user clicks on it, it would turn blue and there is a slight animation that tells them that they’ve indeed liked a particular content they see.

If you can add little or subtle animations into the mix, you’re pretty much guaranteed that they will convert.

  1. Clever Use of Typography

Gone are the days where people would have to read boring lines of texts. We should get rid of the typical Times New Roman or Arial fonts. There is now a push for more creative use of Typography to help entice visitors to convert into leads.

The trick here is to make use of different typefaces that still suits the brand and service you offer. Furthermore, you can experiment with different color schemes. Just take note that the end result should not look cluttered, convoluted, and hardly legible. Instead, it has to be clear, straight to the point, whilst maintaining a fresh aesthetic all throughout.