5 Tips for Running a Wildly Successful In-Person Event


Have you ever been to your favorite band’s concert? The ability to see them in-person and performing on stage trumps listening to their studio albums any day.

Their presence is just different and you can really feel the vibe. That also happens with other “in-person” events as well.

And the good thing is that such occasions mean that you’re inviting people who you really like to hang out with; people who have the same vision and morals as you do. If you are planning to run a successful in-person event, then here are some useful tips:

1. Think How Big or Small the Event Would Be

The first step to making a successful in-person event is to actually know how many people you’re planning to invite for the occasion.

Are you large event planning companies– complete with plenty of speakers or performers? Or, are you opting for a more intimate event with probably only 100 guests and 2 or 3 speakers?

Determining the size of the event is crucial since it can also affect the budget you need as well. It also helps to know what kind of event you’re going to host.

If it is a forum or an information drive, you want to invite only those targeted audiences who will actually listen to your invited speakers. Conversely, if you want the event for entertainment purposes, you want it to be as huge as possible.

2. Be Flexible by Planning Ahead

There is a saying, “the early bird catches the worm” and it speaks of people who are early will always get the largest gains.

The same can be said for event planning. You have to plan for it ahead of time so that you can remain flexible. Vendors, speakers, caterers, and the venue owners are quite busy and people might get their services long before you do.

That is why you want to eliminate stress and worry by booking them ahead of time. Plan accordingly and be sure to call the VIPs and other services as well.

3. Utilize Different Platforms for Promoting Your Event

If you plan to have only a small event with fewer than 100 guests, then word of mouth is okay when promoting it. However, for large-scale events, you need to put your marketing efforts into high gear.

Although you can use word of mouth as a promotional tool, you also want to add some options as well such as promoting your event on different social media sites, obtaining and distributing print ads, email marketing, and so on.

4. Spread Tasks Across Your Team

Hire a dedicated team or volunteers to help you with the mammoth workload. You could have a group of people tasked to promote the event, you can have a few who will take care of the venue, some will take care of the design, among other things.

The thing is, running a live-event is not a one-man (or woman) show, so you have to have people who are willing to help you on your cause.

5. Make Your Events Better by Learning from Your Mistakes

Look, we all make mistakes. We commit blunders from time to time. But, what makes you an even better event planner is if you have the receptiveness of learning from your own mistakes.

Learn to accept feedback and criticisms and look at them from a logical standpoint and not from an emotional one. Once you’ve understood where you fell short, do things differently the next time so you won’t commit the same mistakes twice.


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