9 Effective Tips for Effective SEO Content Writing

Are you implementing your own search engine optimization strategy? How is it?

Whether you are planning a new blog post or putting together a witty caption for your social media profile, you need to be reminded of 2 things.

First, engage with your audience.

Second, make sure that your content is SEO effective.

Here are 9 genius tips to level up your SEO strategy!

Remember to use your main keyword phrase in your blog post’s last sentence.

It is important to include your keyword phrase both in the first and last sentence of your article because you want to ensure your search engine ranking service boost up. You can think of your SEO article as a delicious Oreo cookie. Obviously, your title, and the first and last sentences of your content are the outer layers of the Oreo cookie. The subheadings, on the other hand, are the filling.

Include your main keyword phrase in the title.

Google and other search engines give huge importance to blog article titles. Therefore, having your main keyword phrase in the title is a crucial aspect of producing an effective SEO website content. In addition, you can use odd numbers in your titles to grab the attention of your audience.

Utilize your main keyword phrase in your subheadings.

Dividing your blog article with subheadings is very helpful not just to your readers but also to your search engine ranking.

A body of text complete with subheadings is very easy to read—your audience will thank you for that. This is noteworthy since most people just browse articles, they don’t read them completely.  If there is a subheading, they might stay and read it since your post wouldn’t appear very boring.

Convert your keyword phrase to a clickable link to a related product or article.

Make sure to modify your keyword phrase as a clickable link. This way, Google search will give it extra weight and importance. This is one of the simplest things you can do that can give a massive positive difference to your website.

Use your keyword phrase every 125 to 150 words to improve your SEO strategy.

When small business owners often go overboard, and use too much keywords in their content. You wouldn’t want to commit this common SEO strategy mistake. Google can punish you for keyword stuffing. Keep in mind that a well-written blog post that is utilizing SEO well only includes the keyword phrase every 125 to 150 words.

Add italicized words to your SEO content.

Are you using your keyword phrase now every 150 words? If yes, then you can italicize some of it. When Google and other search engines scan articles, they take note of all the words or phrases which are highlighted, in italics and in bold.

Don’t forget to use the keyword phrase in your post’s first sentence, and then bold it.

If possible, include this keyword phrase both in your blog title and first sentence. To break things up, you can change your first sentence’s format. Why not turn it into a question? Also, you can bold it and let Google give it extra importance.

Include pictures in your posts and add the ‘Alt Text’ option.

Google scans not just articles—it also takes note of the images you are uploading. It catalogues the photos you have included in your blog article. How? It uses the description in your image’s ‘alt text.’ Remember that when someone clicks on a photo from Google’s image search, they are redirected to a webpage and article. So make sure to use this feature.

Your website content should be easily shareable.

The more Google and other search engines see your blog post on different websites, the more your website will rank highly as a whole. Therefore, it is important to make your posts easily sharable. Always add call-to-action statements and buttons.

Excited to implement these tips in your own SEO strategy? Comment and share your thoughts below.

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