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An Easy Guide to Help You Get Started in Web Development

An Easy Guide to Help You Get Started in Web Development

Get Started With Web Development!

Web Development, for the most part, is actually fun. That is contrary to the popular belief that it can get ugly, really fast.

Even though there are times where that notion is true, I still would love to think about web development as an easier process for the majority of your coding journey.

So, you’re probably thinking of becoming a web developer yourself, but you run into a conundrum of where to start. That is actually quite common given the wealth of knowledge that is available to anyone today.

If you want to become a true web developer, then do not worry. For in this article, I will provide an easy guide to help you get started in web development.

1. Start Learning the “Big 3”

When you’re building a house, you do not start from the top; you actually start with the foundation.

An Easy Guide to Help You Get Started in Web DevelopmentThe same can be said in terms of web development.

For those of you who do not know, web development actually encompasses both front and backend processes. The frontend is simply where you create a design mockup which will give you a glimpse of what the end product is going to be. The backend actually provides the foundation from where you put your building blocks.

To get you started, learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is in charge of the content of your website, CSS handles the graphical elements, and Javascript handles all of the finishing touches (any interactive content that is found on any website is thanks to Javascript).

2. Signup for Free Online Courses

Obviously, you will need to have a mentor to teach you the ways. Fortunately, there are a lot of various online courses that you can choose from.

To help you get started with the frontend processes, I would like to point you to freeCodeCamp. Signup for a free account so that you can get started with their own Front End Development Certification course.

This will provide you with some basic and advanced knowledge about HTML and CSS to help you get started. Furthermore, the course will give you some practice projects so that you can test your coding mettle.

You will then end up with the Basic Javascript course which will just give you a basic overview of the Javascript (because this requires a LOT of time to get through it all).

3. Javascript Courses

An Easy Guide to Help You Get Started in Web DevelopmentOnce you’ve graduated from freeCodeCamp’s basic front end development course, you can then proceed to enlist to their practical Javascript courses.

If you finished the course, you can then proceed to take on their Algorithm Scripting class as well as their Intermediate front end development projects as well.

One that is done, you pretty much have the freedom to go anywhere from here.


Learning how to code is actually simple if you know where to go in the first place. The good thing about would-be web developers is that there is a wealth of information that is readily available for you to tap into. So, go ahead young developer!

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