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How to Look for a Reliable, Affordable Web Hosting Provider

Are you in the market for the best web hosting service in Malaysia? You need to do in-depth research, if you want your website to thrive in the online world. So, what are the factors that you need to consider when looking for a reliable web host?

1.Broken Features

If your website depends on a specific feature like mail in order to perform regular duties, focusing on broken features becomes even more important. It can cost you a fortune each time the pages go down. The reliability of a database is paramount for any kind of online business.

2.Billing Issues

Don’t deal with web hosts with billing issues. Watch out for reports of overcharging, failure to honor money back guarantees, and cancelling automatic billing after you choose to cancel your account.


At some point, you would experience downtime caused by server maintenance. Working with a reliable web hosting provider would not only maintain your own server, but will also look for problems within the server, and fix them promptly. Avoid web hosts with poor downtime.

4.Poor Support

Reliable web hosting providers would answer inquiries in a timely manner. If a company’s support team takes days to answer inquiries, then they are not worthy of your attention and business.

Researching on Website Hosting Providers

  1. Go through website hosts forums.
  2. Read web hosting reviews.
  3. Check company backgrounds.
  4. Check where the company servers are located. Are they managing their own in-house hosting service, or is it being run by a third-party agency?
  5. Confirm uptime statistics.
  6. Send them pre-sales questions.

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