Web Design

How to Write a Killer Website Design Brief

Are you thinking of working on a new website design project? See to it to nail the web design brief upfront. This is a document guiding the complete website design process. Make it detailed and comprehensive—this serves as a reference for all the involved parties.


The Important Components of a Website Design Brief

  • Your Timeline and Budget

Giving details on your time frames and budget can help your designer manage your specifications and expectations. Tell him or her how much you are willing to spend, and your deadlines.


  • Your Business

Give your designer an idea and understanding of who you really are, and what your business does. What are your business goals? How do you want to present your brand?


  • Your Website

Explain to your website designer what encouraged you to create a new website. For you, what makes a beautiful, functional website? What are the features you want to incorporate in your pages? How will you measure your website’s success?


  • Your Users

Write comprehensive details about your target website users. Every element in your website should be tailored in accordance to this important detail. Are you targeting a specific age group? What about language requirements?


  • Your Web Design

Describe well how you want your web pages to look. What type of impression do you want to give? What are your specific, strict guidelines?

Constant communication is a crucial aspect in every website project. Everything starts with a simple web design brief. Make sure to document all of your web requirements. Don’t neglect web optimization. This serves as a point of references for all desired deliverables and outcomes.