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Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur if You Only Have a Day to Spare

There are a lot of people that go to Malaysia to explore every nook and cranny, but there are also some that only spend a day or two or they are just waiting for their connecting flights.

Whatever the case may be, Kuala Lumpur is a southeast Asian country that you should definitely visit and there are plenty of things you can do in this amazing place.

For one, if you are traveling alone, you can find a companion by hiring a freelance girl. If you want to be one with nature, you can certainly visit one of its forest reserves and if you want a place to eat, you can certainly find plenty of different foods in the metro as well.

Today, this article is going to be focused on people who only have a day to spare in this great city. So, if you are part of the demographic, read further to find the places that you must visit in a day.

Forest Eco-Park

Also known by locals as the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, this eco-park is located at the center of the city and is perfect for people who want to take short treks while also being able to see what nature has to offer.

This is a great refuge for people that want to somehow escape the busy city life. Just a 20-minute walk from the forest reserve, you will arrive at the Menara Kuala Lumpur or the KL Tower.

In the tower, you will find a unique revolving restaurant called Atmosphere 360. But, if you do not want the idea of having something to eat all while being suspended hundreds of meters in the air, then you can just head on over the observation deck to get a glimpse of the entire city.

Bukit Bintang

This is the premier shopping strip in Kuala Lumpur and here, you can find some of the best shopping malls in the city.

Some of them include the Pavilion Mall, the Sungei Wang Plaza, and the huge Berjaya Times Square, among many others. The good thing is that these shopping malls are within walking distance from each other, making it easier for you to cross between different shopping centers.

Changkat Bukit Bintang

If Bukit Bintang is the premier shopping complex, Changkat Bukit Bintang is the best place to find different restaurants, bars and clubs. This is great for people who want to end the night on a high note.

Aside from the infamous Zouk bar, you can also find quieter bars such as the Havana Bar and Grill and the No Black Tie, among others.

Jalan Alor

When you go to the streets of Jalan Alor, you will find that a lot of people go here, mainly because of the many hawker food stalls that can be found in the area.

These food stalls offer a lot of different foods, including Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian-inspired dishes. Furthermore, you can also get some ice-cold beers so that you can spend the entire night having a great conversation with your friends or escorts.

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