SEO for the Holidays

SEO for the Holidays

The SEO landscape is a fast-changing environment. 2018 is ending, so surely by now, seo consulting company experts are already preparing your 2019 digital marketing strategy. Below are the details you need to know to be competitive this coming year.

Algorithms In 2019

Google’s algorithm’s change almost on an everyday basis. As we progress towards the holiday season, the focus of this modification will be user intent. Here are the points you must focus on.

1.SERP Layouts

This point is crucial most especially for travel websites. SERP layouts for travel agencies, as well as other travel blogs must be competitive and strategic. How can they attract more customers and readers? This holiday season, more persons and families will go on vacation. How can they take advantage of that fact?

Even if you are not investing on Bing or Google ads, you must pay attention to these changes.

2.Changing Devices

At this day and age, more and more people are browsing the internet through their mobile phones and other gadgets. Google and other search engines are tweaking various layouts for mobile because of how data is being presented. Make sure that the main content of your website is formatted strategically. You must be able to answer the most common website user inquiries in the most convenient manner.

3.Post-Click Time and Subsequent Actions

According to Google, post-click happenings are vital in determining search result qualities. If you want your website to gain more online presence this holiday season, you will take advantage of post-click information. You must be able to predict user intent accurately.

Review those phrases that are driving in more website visitors. What do you think are the intention of these users, based on the phrases they are typing in? Take a look at your analytics, and make strategic plans based on crucial insights.

4.The Probability of Content to Fulfill User Intent

Never underestimate the importance of post-click signals. These are efficient tools in evaluating your current website ranking. Just like Google, your business must be able to satisfy the intent of your audience. You should provide all the information they need, and eventually convince them to purchase your products.

5.Reputation and Relatedness

Every idea that comes to you is considered an entity. They are the future of search. Soon, these entities will replace website links. Through entities, you can distance yourself from the concept of PageRank producing weight. Instead, you can focus on relatedness working hand in hand with reputation.

Relatedness is more complex, and involves content, web page and entities combined. Be creative enough to associate everything correctly. Make sure to invite other useful entities to your game plan.

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