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The Most Affordable Web Hosting Option

When deciding on the type of web hosting service to buy, one of the first things you must ask yourself is that, what kind of online presence will your online business have? Revisit your business goals. From there, decide what web hosting plan is the most appropriate. Don’t worry, you have a ton of options on this matter. There are lots of web hosting companies in Malaysia aiming to help out new business owners like you.

1.Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular choice for new bloggers and online business owners. It is also the most affordable one. In this kind of service, several people with individual domains use the web server. Storage, bandwidth and other resources are shared among all users.

Newbies will also find this the easiest one to use. Many shared web hosting providers are experts in guiding people throughout all the stages of configuring, creating and launching websites.

2.VPS Hosting

If you think it’s time for you to upgrade from a shared hosting plan, consider VPS hosting. Virtual private server, or VPS, is the middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting. While there is only a single physical server just like in shared hosting, that server is created with only 10 to 20 websites, each one operating with separate virtual machines.

VPS hosting is more expensive in shared hosting, but is more affordable than dedicated hosting. It gives users the resources and flexibility of growing a website effectively at a reasonable price. Since every account is separate, an individual user would have more flexibility in making changes without impacting others.

3.Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, usually catering to big website owners and the most successful bloggers. It offers a user with his or her own dual or single processor server. Your server will be yours entirely. There is also a vast range of customizable options like hardware, memory and operating systems.

This kind of web hosting offers brilliant security, reliability and flexibility. Through a dedicated server, there is no need to worry about other people affecting your resources like security and bandwidth.

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