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Web Design Trends


Whether you are maintaining a personal blog or a business website, you need to strive hard to grow your brand, and build an online reputation. Below are some applauded and popular web design trends that you will see this coming 2019 and the years beyond that.

1.Mobile-Friendly Designs

At this day and age, more and more people are browsing websites through their smartphones and other devices. It is brand new era of technology. Back then, professional web designers didn’t worry about providing decent menus on smaller screens. Now, they have a more challenging task. They need to continuously work towards the betterment of mobile browsing.

2.Vibrant and Bold Color

This 2019, expect web designers to work endlessly with colors. Vibrant and bold colors are important for user experience improvement. If before professionals are used to utilizing web-safe shades, now they are braver and more confident with their choices. Bold colors are useful for new brands since they will gain more attention from the visitors.

3.Anticipatory Design

This kind of website design removes the burden on users by making decisions on their behalf. The platform will be able to gain access to your data and make choices like before.

4.User-Driven Stories

Storytelling is one approach to convince customers and get their attention. User-driven storytelling can pull you closer to your target audience. They will have a clearer idea about your company, services and products. This is not a simple task, for you need to put in tons of time and effort.

5.Drop Shadows and Depth

Utilizing shadows is not a new method in the website design field. This 2019, web designers would use shadows more than ever to create more depth and explore the world’s illusions. You should know that this tactic is a straight reaction from the flat trend that became popular several years back. Shadowplay casts a surprising versatile effect, which enhances a web page’s aesthetics, and improves user experience.

6.Bold and Big Typography

Typography will always be an amazing and powerful visual tool. It can arouse emotion, create a brand’s personality and set the tone of a platform. It can convey significant details. This 2019, typical website typography will become easier to read and sharper. If you are thinking of utilizing customized fonts, then go ahead and use it.  


Do you want to add new exciting elements to your website? Illustrations can be very powerful in delivering abstract concepts for several websites. All you need to do is hire a talented and experienced artist, and ask him to make illustrations for you, based on your brand’s overall look and feel. This is a common decision for businesses, which are struggling to look for the little elements of enjoyment.

8.Asymmetry and Broken Grid

Now that you know how websites work and how professionals apply the most basic principles for it to make sense, it’s finally time to explore grids and layouts. Some people would stick to classic, traditional websites; others would want unexpected, asymmetrical balances.

Asymmetrical and broken designs were introduced back in 2017 and will remain powerful in 2019. It is perfect for bloggers and entrepreneurs who aspire to be more unique and experimental.

9.Video and Animation

Videos and animation will always play a vital role in the web design industry. The digital landscape is rapidly changing, so various websites are progressing from static images to animated elements.  This is one way of improving one’s communication approach.

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