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Wedding Reception Tips: 7 Unconventional Reminders From a Wedding Photographer’s Point of View

Have you ever looked at wedding planning in a unique point of view? Here are 7 unconventional wedding techniques in a wedding photographer’s well-seasoned perspective.

1. Abandon the idea of a huge wedding reception.

A huge wedding reception may be just a waste of money. You can spend that money in another aspect of the wedding process. If you want, you can opt for a more unique marriage in the woods, and a reception in a local brewery. A wedding with a distinct theme is also possible if you ask a professional wedding event planner. How about making it happen in an abandoned building, and pretend that you are inside a Walking Dead series? The money that you will save, you can re-allocate to your honeymoon plans.

2. Offer drink tickets to your guests.

Don’t favor heavy drinking in your special love occasion. Why not suggest a maximum of 2 drinks? You can save the heavy drinking to after parties and upcoming celebrations later on. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to look tipsy or drunk in the wedding album.

3. Consider wearing flip flops.

Wearing heels is not a general rule for every wedding. Brides and grooms can wear anything they want. Just wear something comfortable! If you feel like wearing flip flops, then you can do so. This is also the best thing to wear when dancing.

4. Feed the vendors.

Your wedding would not be translated to reality without the good services of your vendors. Offer them good meals. That’s probably the least you can do to make them feel appreciated.

5. Be adventurous about the wedding cake.

You don’t need to commission a cake that is all white, classy and with multiple layers. Make it more exciting by opting for an unconventional design. Some couples ordered cakes in the shapes of a Stormtrooper, desktop computer, mountains and books. Awesome, right? Other ideas are cherry pies, cupcakes and doughnuts!

6. Don’t be scared of staining your wedding dress.

Your dress will make you feel very pretty all night long. However, at the end of the day, it can make you feel all sweaty. At some point, there will be unexpected stains and dirt. Just be careful when moving around. More than the dress itself, the most important thing is to enjoy your special day.

7. The celebration will be over soon.

Your wedding is the most wonderful celebration, but remember, it will also end. It’s important to think about the left overs and other items that you are planning to take back at the hotel.

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